Supervisors Must Learn to Supervise

It often happens that when an outstanding worker is promoted to become a supervisor, the company loses a good worker and gains a poor supervisor. The main reason for this failure is that supervising demands an additional set of skills that still needs to be developed in the newbie supervisor. In some cases, the person may be technically proficient but lacks the knowledge on how to handle people.

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10 Human Foods That Are Dangerous for Dogs and Cats – Vetstreet

A number of human foods are dangerous to pets. Many of these foods may seem tasty to our pets but can prove deadly if eaten. It can be very tempting to offer pets food from the table, but pets should not be given human food unless recommended by your veterinarian.

If you suspect your pet may have eaten a dangerous food, contact your veterinarian immediately. In many cases, early recognition and treatment are critical.

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Is Materialism a Mental Disorder? | IdeaFeed | Big Think

If the desire for ever-more material goods is not itself a mental disorder, it is associated with higher rates of depression, anxiety and anti-social behavior. According to a series of experiments recently carried out at Northwestern University, when college students are exposed to pictures of luxury goods or words “mobilizing consumerist values”, they rate themselves higher on scales of anxiety and depression. In another experiment, which gave students identical surveys—though one was titled ‘consumer response survey’ and the other ‘citizen survey’—those with the consumer survey responded in ways reflecting materialist values. 

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How Microsoft grew into a giant – Fortune Management

Microsoft was still a no-name startup based in Redmond, Wash. when it launched its operating system, MSDOS in the early 1980s. From the beginning, however, the company believed that this was not your average product launch. MSDOS’s design allowed it to adapt easily to different hardware, reducing entry costs for potential users. And Microsoft encouraged participants to tailor MSDOS for particular environments, meaning that the product could actually improve over time.

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Annette Catino of QualCare, on Building Business Ties –

Early on, it was clear to me that if I was going to build a successful business, it was going to be about building relationships. I figured out that relationships were built in business on the golf course, and that’s when golf started becoming such an important part of my culture, even though I had never golfed before. I had never been an athlete.

I never played anything, not even miniature golf. But I started with lessons at a local driving range with a golf pro. Then I started to play in these golf outings and saw the kind of relationship-building that it allowed me to do. I started to get competitive, and I took more lessons. I was introduced to an L.P.G.A. pro, and she started giving me lessons and I got better. The next thing I knew, I said: “You know what? I need to bring her in to teach my management team because I can’t be the only one out playing golf with people. First of all, I’ve got a lot to do, and I need other people to build that skill set.” So it became part of our culture that my management team took up golf.

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Leadership Styles: Feared or Loved? « Business Seminars by BusinessCoach, Inc., Philippines

Leaders, managers and entrepreneurs have long debated whether it is best to get their people to fear them or to like them. This question was posed by Machiavelli centuries ago in his controversial book on politics “The Prince”. While this was in regard to how leaders should govern their people, that question can also be asked of our managers.

Management by fear is associated with certain attitudes. Here, there is a strong belief in negative reinforcement, like penalties to force compliance. This type of manager usually cares little about employees’ personal lives. On the other hand, those who want to be loved believe that if they make their employees happy, these people will reciprocate and be more productive.

Both sides have their advocates. In practice, people use a combination of the two styles, although there is usually a tendency to rely mostly on the method of their preference.

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